(FTCGIS) Voolsy Refer and Earn : Free Food (100 SignUp Bonus + 100 Per Referral)

Using the below  loot method we can get free food. Voolsy is an application designed to enhance your joy of eating out. Right from the time you enter in a restaurant, order your food and till you pay your bill, Voolsy refer with you every step to make your dining experience better. Voolsy creates a seamless way to enjoy your food once you are inside the restaurant.

Voolsy Refer and Loot : Giving Free Food (100 on Signup + 100 per Referral Code “FTCGIS” )

voolsy refer and earn

Get Voolsy App Now:

Voosly Android App | Voosly iOS App

Steps To Get Free Food:

  1. Download the app from here : Voolsly App
  2. Now sign up with you mobile no. And after that you will need to feel profile page.voolsy refer and earn h (1)
  3. In promo code field enter FTCGIS ( Important to get 100 Rs sign up bonus )
  4. Verify EMail Address.
  5. Boom!! You got 100 Rs Sign up bonus.
  6. Now swipe left and click on refer and earn and viral your referral code.
  7. Boom You will Get 100Rs As Signup Bonus.

How You Can Earn Voolsy Credits

You can earn Voolsy Credits by referring Voolsy to your friend.

  • Open Voolsy
  • Go to Menu & tap ‘Refer & Earn’ Section
  • Tap ‘Share’ & Select a Tool to Refer

(If your friend registers with your code, you will earn Rs. 100 & your friend too)

voolsy refer and earn h (1)

Note : Voolsly is currently Available in Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Rajkot.

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How You Can Redeem Voolsy refer and earn Credits:

  • Reach Any Voolsy Enabled Outlet.
  • Open Voolsy App
  • Order via Voolsy
  • Pay Online Through Voolsy

(Cashback will automatically be applied at the time of bill payment)

Maximum Amount You can Redeem As Voolsy Credits:

Below are the current slabs that are applicable for redemption on Voolsy credits. Redemption is only available on online payments :
Transaction between ₹150 – ₹999 — > Redemption of ₹50
Transaction between ₹1000 – ₹1499 — > Redemption of ₹100
Transaction above or equal to ₹1500 —> Redemption of ₹200

For More details about voolsy app and services, visit to Voolsy Website! If you have any problem with voosly refer and earn then do comment and reach to us.

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