How To Play PSP Games In Your Smartphone (Full Explain)


It is interesting if you can able to play PSP games in your Smartphone. For example god of war is the famous game of psp. But it is not available for your Smartphone. But you can play it with PPSSPP. It is a gaming software which play any PSP games in your Smartphone. Keep in mind that in order to run most games at acceptable speed, you’ll need a newer Android device.

play psp games in android

Also there is low System requirements.

Steps to play psp games in your Smartphone.

1. First of all download the ppsspp from here.

2. Now install it in your Smartphone.

(There is a “PPSSPP Gold” app, but it is functionally identical to the standard version)

3. After that download PSP games from here.

4. Now open your file explorer and extract the file.

5. You will find the Yourgame.iso file.

6.Create a folder called “PSP”, then create a subfolder called “GAME.”

7.Copy your ISO files into the GAME folder on your Android.

8. Launch PPSSPP. You’ll be greeted by the PPSSPP main menu.

9.Tap “PSP” and then “GAME” to see all of your ISO files.

10.Tap a game to start it. The game will begin loading, and if your device is powerful enough it will start. You can control the game using the on-screen buttons.

Final Verdict-

If the game doesn’t load, there are two main possibilities: either the game is not supported by PPSSPP (not all are), or your Android device is not powerful enough to run it.


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