How To Play PlayStation 2 Games In Pc Or Laptop

Are you a game lover but can’t afford the ps2 console. In my personal opinion PlayStation games are better then pc games some games are only available for the only PlayStation. For Example- Urban Reign is my favorite game but it’s only available for ps2 only. I searched a lot to download it in pc but didn’t find the right solution as it’s only available for ps2 only.

There is no direct way to play ps2 games on pc but an emulator called PCSX2 is able to play ps2 games on pc.

The system requirements are also not much. You have to just download the iso file of any game and play it with pcsx2 on your pc. You can also play games with your controller. So are you wanna play ps2 games? Let’s get started.

Minimum System Requirements-
Steps To Play PS2 Games on your PC With Pcsx2-

  • Click on the ‘Download’ button to download the latest PCSX2 Standalone Installer.
  • After the EXE file has been downloaded, double-click on it to start the installation process
  • Proceed with the step-by-step wizard installation by clicking on the ‘Next’ button and then the ‘Install’ button.

6.Installation can take up to 5 minutes depending on internet connection and the specifications of your computer.

Once you have finished downloading and installing PSCX2 from the previous step, locate PSCX2 and click on it to run the application
  • You should be brought to the PSCX2 First Time Configuration Screen. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

  • Click on ‘Next’ to continue.
  • This is the most critical part of the process!

  • You will be prompted to input the BIOS file, which is needed to allow the program to know the approximate location you are playing from North America, Japan, etc
  • Download the following pre-tested BIOS files here. You will need to scroll down the page a bit after confirming your not a robot.
  • Once you have downloaded the BIOS files, copy the ZIP file and paste it to the following directory


    C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\PCSX2\BIOS. This is the root BIOS directory.

  • Next, extract the ZIP file that you copied to that location, and you should see a bunch of folders that you can select from
  • To activate the BIOS, you will need to cut and paste the contents of one of the folders (typically a BIN file) in the root BIOS directory


    For USA/English, this would be the one out of the /SCPH-70012 folder.

  • Once complete, go back to PCSX2 and click on the ‘Refresh List’ button to see the available BIOS ROM
  • Left-click on the BIOS file under available BIOS ROM and then click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the setup process


  • You have now completed the initial setup of PSCX2.

Playing a PS2 ISO Game File in PSCX2-

Now that you have downloaded, setup PCSX2 with the necessary BIOS files, you are now ready to play whichever game you want.

  • To begin playing a game you wish, we suggest you go to a reputable ROM site like EMU Paradise.
  •  Search for the PS2 game file of your choice and download the file to your computer.
  • Once you have downloaded your ROM and extracted the ISO, click on “CDVD” > “ISO Selector” > “Browse.”
  • Browse and select the image game file that you downloaded/saved on your computer

    (Supported file type includes ISO, mdf, nrg, bin, img, & dump)

  • Click “Open.”
  • Click “System” > “Boot CDVD (Fast)”
  • Wait for the game to boot up and enjoy!

Final verdict-

So this was the method HOW TO PLAY PS2 GAMES ON PC. If I miss something then feel free to tell me in the comments section. I will also tell how to play ps3 games on pc very soon. Till then read our older posts How to play PSP games on your Smartphone.

Peace 🙂