Flipkart Free Delivery Trick : Get Free Delivery On Every Item On Flipkart

Flipkart Free Delivery Trick


Are you Want to Order Something From Flipkart Which Is Less than Rs 500. Flipkart Takes Rs 50 Delivery Charges If you order something from flipkart less than Rs 500. Just try the below trick to get free Delivery On every order on flipkart.

Suppose I want to order something from flipkart.com but the total cart value doesn’t reaches 500 rs and hence to get free delivery either I have to increase my cart value to 500 rs or pay Rs 50 as delivery charges. So how to save those 50 rs?

flipkart free delivery trick

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Here’s the trick! (I have tried it on flipkart,but can be applicable on other websites also)

Suppose I only want to buy a Reebok shorts whose cost is Rs 479. So I would have to pay Rs 50 as delivery charge because the bag’s total is below 500 rs.

So the trick is add something whose expected delivery is late than your Reebok shorts and order on COD (cash on delivery). Let say this item is a jockey underwear.

flipkart free delivery trick

So what would happen is that your shorts would come earlier than your underwear and you’ll have to pay only Rs 479 for that. After that your underwear would come for which you will have to pay separately along with the delivery charge. So cancel the order of underwear at the time of delivery ( ask delivery boy on phone to cancel the order).

flipkart free delivery trick

Bingo! You saved your 50 rs of delivery charge.

Here Is The Second Method To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart-

In order to get rid of FlipKart’s delivery charges, please follow these steps. But do note that it will work only on “FlipKart Advantaged” sellers:

  • Add your item to the cart.
  • Add any item to the cart which would make the total cart amount to be more than Rs. 500. (example: Flipkart SmartBuy 10000 mAh Power Bank)
  • Place your order through COD/online mode.
  • Cancel the unnecessary items (or in this case, the powerbank.)

NOTE: You can cancel the unnecessary item immediately after pacing an order too.

If paid online, you will get a refund of unnecessary item / powerbank as soon as possible, so don’t worry about it.