Hello all readers a new app launch named “BJP WALLET” , Here you can earn unlimited Paytm cash (₹5 Per Refer) and more by completing challenge you can earn daily upto 15…

So let’s Start…


  1. Firstly Download the app From Here BJP WALLET
  2. Then install and open. The app ,one dashboard you see “ADD REFFERAL CODE” option , click on it.
    1. Then enter Refferel code :- 995F4A69     995F4A69
  3. Copy my refferel code then put it there.
  4. Then press Ok.
  5. Then enter you Paytm mobile number and log in with Facebook.
  6. On home screen you get 2 challenges you can earn RS.10 daily by completing challenges.


  • Click three lines on the top.
  • You can share your refferel code with your friends and earn ₹5 per refer


You can withdraw your money into

  1. Bank
  2. Paytm Account
  3. Recharge

Minimum reedemption is ₹100.

You can get your Paytm cash within 24 working Hours.


Try Unlimited try at your own risk,we are not responsible for any type of account blocking and any other issue

  • Open parallel Space and add the application
  • Then repeat the process 1 to 6.

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UNLIMITED EARN MONEY APPLICATION-per refer 10 paytm cash[New app+Big Loot]

All readers,a new app launch named “UNLIMITED EARN MONEY”,here you can earn unlimited paytm cash(10per reffer)and more by completing challenge you can earn daily upto 50…

So lets start…

How to get This offer :-

1.Firstly download the app From Here

2.Then install and open the app,one dashboard you see “ADD REFFEREL CODE“option,click on it
3.Then enter Referral code:

[Copy my Referral code then put it there.

“0”it is zero]Then press ok.
4.Then enter you paytm mobile number and log in with facebook.
5.On home screen you giind 5 challenges you can earn Rs.15 daily by completing challenges.
6.Click three lines on the top.

Refer And Earn:-

  • You can share your Referral code with your friends and earn 10 per refer
  • You can earn Unlimited money from Your friend when He is earn Money

Withdraw Money:-

You can withdraw your money into-

  1. Paytm account
  2. Recharge

Minimum reredemption is only Rs.100

You can get your paytm cash wiithin 24 hours

Unlimited Trick:-

  • Try unlimited try at your own risk,we are not responsible for any type of account blocing and any other issue
  • Open paralal space and add the application
  • Then repeat the process 1 to 6.

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How To Play PlayStation 2 Games In Pc Or Laptop

Are you a game lover but can’t afford the ps2 console. In my personal opinion PlayStation games are better then pc games some games are only available for the only PlayStation. For Example- Urban Reign is my favorite game but it’s only available for ps2 only. I searched a lot to download it in pc but didn’t find the right solution as it’s only available for ps2 only.

There is no direct way to play ps2 games on pc but an emulator called PCSX2 is able to play ps2 games on pc.

The system requirements are also not much. You have to just download the iso file of any game and play it with pcsx2 on your pc. You can also play games with your controller. So are you wanna play ps2 games? Let’s get started.

Minimum System Requirements-
Steps To Play PS2 Games on your PC With Pcsx2-

  • Click on the ‘Download’ button to download the latest PCSX2 Standalone Installer.
  • After the EXE file has been downloaded, double-click on it to start the installation process
  • Proceed with the step-by-step wizard installation by clicking on the ‘Next’ button and then the ‘Install’ button.

6.Installation can take up to 5 minutes depending on internet connection and the specifications of your computer.

Once you have finished downloading and installing PSCX2 from the previous step, locate PSCX2 and click on it to run the application
  • You should be brought to the PSCX2 First Time Configuration Screen. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

  • Click on ‘Next’ to continue.
  • This is the most critical part of the process!

  • You will be prompted to input the BIOS file, which is needed to allow the program to know the approximate location you are playing from North America, Japan, etc
  • Download the following pre-tested BIOS files here. You will need to scroll down the page a bit after confirming your not a robot.
  • Once you have downloaded the BIOS files, copy the ZIP file and paste it to the following directory


    C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\PCSX2\BIOS. This is the root BIOS directory.

  • Next, extract the ZIP file that you copied to that location, and you should see a bunch of folders that you can select from
  • To activate the BIOS, you will need to cut and paste the contents of one of the folders (typically a BIN file) in the root BIOS directory


    For USA/English, this would be the one out of the /SCPH-70012 folder.

  • Once complete, go back to PCSX2 and click on the ‘Refresh List’ button to see the available BIOS ROM
  • Left-click on the BIOS file under available BIOS ROM and then click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the setup process


  • You have now completed the initial setup of PSCX2.

Playing a PS2 ISO Game File in PSCX2-

Now that you have downloaded, setup PCSX2 with the necessary BIOS files, you are now ready to play whichever game you want.

  • To begin playing a game you wish, we suggest you go to a reputable ROM site like EMU Paradise.
  •  Search for the PS2 game file of your choice and download the file to your computer.
  • Once you have downloaded your ROM and extracted the ISO, click on “CDVD” > “ISO Selector” > “Browse.”
  • Browse and select the image game file that you downloaded/saved on your computer

    (Supported file type includes ISO, mdf, nrg, bin, img, & dump)

  • Click “Open.”
  • Click “System” > “Boot CDVD (Fast)”
  • Wait for the game to boot up and enjoy!

Final verdict-

So this was the method HOW TO PLAY PS2 GAMES ON PC. If I miss something then feel free to tell me in the comments section. I will also tell how to play ps3 games on pc very soon. Till then read our older posts How to play PSP games on your Smartphone.

Peace 🙂

How To Play PSP Games In Your Smartphone (Full Explain)

play psp games in android

It is interesting if you can able to play PSP games in your Smartphone. For example god of war is the famous game of psp. But it is not available for your Smartphone. But you can play it with PPSSPP. It is a gaming software which play any PSP games in your Smartphone. Keep in mind that in order to run most games at acceptable speed, you’ll need a newer Android device.

play psp games in android

Also there is low System requirements.

Steps to play psp games in your Smartphone.

1. First of all download the ppsspp from here.

2. Now install it in your Smartphone.

(There is a “PPSSPP Gold” app, but it is functionally identical to the standard version)

3. After that download PSP games from here.

4. Now open your file explorer and extract the file.

5. You will find the Yourgame.iso file.

6.Create a folder called “PSP”, then create a subfolder called “GAME.”

7.Copy your ISO files into the GAME folder on your Android.

8. Launch PPSSPP. You’ll be greeted by the PPSSPP main menu.

9.Tap “PSP” and then “GAME” to see all of your ISO files.

10.Tap a game to start it. The game will begin loading, and if your device is powerful enough it will start. You can control the game using the on-screen buttons.

Final Verdict-

If the game doesn’t load, there are two main possibilities: either the game is not supported by PPSSPP (not all are), or your Android device is not powerful enough to run it.

Top 13 Best New English Songs Dec 2017

Top 13 English Songs

Nowadays English Songs Are Taking Out The World.It’s interesting to know that most of the non-English speaking nations do listen a lot to English songs more than they do in their own local languages.

But the main question is why does English remain the most dominant language in modern popular music?as a factor you will agree with me English has become nearly a common language in the world and literally billions of people literally speak or understand English.

Others factors such as simplicity both in reading and understand of the English language among others have made English songs very popular. English Is Simple So English Songs Is Easy To Listen, Readable Lyrics And Much More.

Top 13 English Songs

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Here are the world’s top 13 new and best English songs 2017

1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

Despacito Is The Most streamed Video Ever On Youtube with more than 4.7 billion streams. “Despacito” was released on January 2017 by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s. the Remix which features Justin Bieber was released on April. On YouTube, the song has over 3 billion views.

2. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled Featuring Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

On charts performance, the song has done well as it has featured in many top 10 hit songs across many countries and has received more than 200 million views on YouTube.

3. Unforgettable by French Montana Featuring Swae Lee

Officially this song was released on April 7 2017 by French Montana and featuring Swae Lee. Its Video was shot in Kampala Uganda featuring the famous Ghetto of today the song has around 220 million views on YouTube.

4. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

The song was released on 30th January 2017 by Bruno Mars, and it’s the second song in his third studio album 24K Magic 2016. On YouTube, the song has over 800 million views.

5. Believer by Imagine Dragons

“Believer’ which is a lead single from imagine Dragons rock band third studio album Evolve is among the most popular English songs in 2017. The song has around 63 million views on YouTube.

6. I’m The One by DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Drew Bieber, Quavious Keyate Marshall, Chancellor Johnathan Bennett (Chance The Rapper) & Lil Wayne

One of the most popular songs across the world this year is “I’m The One” released on the 28th April 2017. The song is the 2nd single for the record producer DJ Khaled in his 2017 album Grateful. As of today, the song has received more than 500 million views in YouTube.

7. Attention by Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth song “Attention” is one of the most popular English songs this year. The song was released in April 21 2017 and so far, it has already attained top 10 peaks in more than 30 countries. The song has around 330 million views on YouTube.

8. There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes

The song was released on April 20th 2017 and by Shawn Mendes and it’s a track in Illuminate Album.As of today, the song has 112 million views on YouTube.

9. Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

The song was released on 6th January 2017 and instantly peaked up the top position in single charts in more than 60 countries around the world and not forgetting US Billboard Hot 100.Currently the song has more than 2 billion views on YouTube.

10. Body Like A Back Road by Sam Hun

Released on February 2nd 2017 the lead single from the breakout megastar Sam Hunt’s upcoming second studio album is one of the most popular English song in 2017. The song has over 87 million views on YouTube.

11.The Chainsmokers – Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey

Closer Song Is Released On Jul 29, 2016 Directed by: Rory Kramer Shot by: Jordan Wright, Matt Komo, Rory Kramer Drone by: Jeremiah Davis Edited by: Rory Kramer Colored by: Jordan Wright Production Assistant: Ben Wolin, Enes Kolenovic Cast: Alyssa Lynch and Jordan Wright

12. Jason Derulo – Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) (Official Music Video)

Published on Mar 17, 2017 This Song Has 898,042,321 views on youtube till now.

13.That Poppy – Lowlife

Poppy Is The YouTube Most Weird Creator It Has More Than 300 Videos On Their Channel But All Videos Are Looking Weird. But This Song Is Little Bit Interesting. That’s Why I Gave This Song A Place In My List.

Final Verdict-

These are the world’s top 13 best English songs 2017. You will understand that for such songs to earn their place in our list they must have broken several chart records, streamed numerous times both in Spotify and on YouTube and across other music channels.

If I Miss Any Song Then Feel Free To Comments Us That Songs Name.


Trick To Get Cash On Delivery Everytime In Amazon For Redmi Booking


Hey Looters, Are you a redmi Booker and if you are not getting COD(cash on delivery) option while placing the order on amazon. Its frustrated the most as i also do the redmi booking many times and in every sale i got redmi phones in many accounts but can’t able to order from all accounts. As amazon don’t show the COD option in many accounts. So In this post i will tell you How can you order any redmi phone on COD if it didn’t show the COD option.


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Steps to Get COD Option While Ordering Redmi Phones From Amazon-

  • When You Got Any Redmi Phone In your Cart Just Click On Proceed To Checkout.
  • Now See If You Getting COD option then you’re lucky if not then just start payment by any other payment method.
  • After That enter incorrect details and make the payment failed.
  • After 15 minutes you will get a option of retry payment.
  • Click On Retry Payment And After That Select Netbanking option and click right buton of mouse and open inspect element.
  • Now find Netbanking in Inspect element and click right button>Edit as HTML.
  • Select All The Text And Change It With Below Script.
<tbody id="cod-table"> 
 <tr id="cod-title">
 <td class="payment-method-selector">
 <input type="radio" name="paymentMethod" value="cashOnDeliveryCash" id="pm_cod">
 <td colspan="2">
 <label datafield="cod" for="pm_cod">
 <strong>Cash on Delivery (COD). We also accept Credit/ Debit cards on delivery, subject to availability of the payment device. Please check with the delivery agent.</strong>
 <div class="message mini-no-style-warning mini">
 <span class="mini"></span>&nbsp;This order will be processed through COD, any earlier payment for this order will be refunded by your bank.


  • Now You Will See COD Option In Your Screen Just Click On It And Proceed  To Pay.
  • It Will Show You Error. But your Order is Processed And Confirmed On COD.
  • Enjoy!!!

Final Verdict-

If you face any problem on above steps see our video. You will easily understand all the things.

Do according to above video. If you still have any doubt regarding this post then feel free to ask us in comments.

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Flipkart Free Delivery Trick : Get Free Delivery On Every Item On Flipkart

flipkart free delivery trick

Flipkart Free Delivery Trick

Are you Want to Order Something From Flipkart Which Is Less than Rs 500. Flipkart Takes Rs 50 Delivery Charges If you order something from flipkart less than Rs 500. Just try the below trick to get free Delivery On every order on flipkart.

Suppose I want to order something from but the total cart value doesn’t reaches 500 rs and hence to get free delivery either I have to increase my cart value to 500 rs or pay Rs 50 as delivery charges. So how to save those 50 rs?

flipkart free delivery trick

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Here’s the trick! (I have tried it on flipkart,but can be applicable on other websites also)

Suppose I only want to buy a Reebok shorts whose cost is Rs 479. So I would have to pay Rs 50 as delivery charge because the bag’s total is below 500 rs.

So the trick is add something whose expected delivery is late than your Reebok shorts and order on COD (cash on delivery). Let say this item is a jockey underwear.

flipkart free delivery trick

So what would happen is that your shorts would come earlier than your underwear and you’ll have to pay only Rs 479 for that. After that your underwear would come for which you will have to pay separately along with the delivery charge. So cancel the order of underwear at the time of delivery ( ask delivery boy on phone to cancel the order).

flipkart free delivery trick

Bingo! You saved your 50 rs of delivery charge.

Here Is The Second Method To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart-

In order to get rid of FlipKart’s delivery charges, please follow these steps. But do note that it will work only on “FlipKart Advantaged” sellers:

  • Add your item to the cart.
  • Add any item to the cart which would make the total cart amount to be more than Rs. 500. (example: Flipkart SmartBuy 10000 mAh Power Bank)
  • Place your order through COD/online mode.
  • Cancel the unnecessary items (or in this case, the powerbank.)

NOTE: You can cancel the unnecessary item immediately after pacing an order too.

If paid online, you will get a refund of unnecessary item / powerbank as soon as possible, so don’t worry about it.


PhonePe App: Get Rs 175 Free On First Time Upi Transaction + Rs 300 More

PhonePe App Offer – Hello guys one another super offer I just came to know and you will surely like because you are getting free rs 175 in you phonepe wallet. Yepp, it is right !! You just need to do a first UPI transaction on phonepe. Looking Interesting let me explain in brief-

Below Are Some Best Offers Of PhonePe-

First Offer-

Send Money Via UPI & Get 50% Cashback (Upto 125) 

phonepe app

  • As you can see in the above banner there is a offer running which gives you Rs 75 on first upi transaction and Rs 50 on fifth upi transaction.
  • So just send Rs 150 to anyone via upi or send it to me on 8954131400 i’ll give you back you will instantly get 75Rs in your phonepe wallet.
  • Now send 100-100 Rs 4 Times to anyone you will get Rs 50 More in your phonepe wallet.
  • So you have total got Rs 125 in your phonepe wallet.

Second Offer-


phonepe app

  • So in this offer you get Rs 50 cashback on your airtel recharge of Rs 50 it means you’ll get your recharge free of cost.
  • Just recharge any airtel Number of Rs 50 you will instantly get Rs 50 cashback in your phonepe wallet.

Third Offer-

Get 100% Cashback at KFC Outlets (No Minimum Purchase)

phonepe app

  • go to any KFC outlet and select the items you want to buy
  • Then pay the amount using PhonePe App
  • That’s it! You will get 100% Cashback upto Rs.150 (only for 1st Transaction)
  • You can also enjoy 50% cashback (upto Rs.75) on your 2nd and 3rd transaction at KFC outlets.

Fourth Offer-

Get Rs 75 Cashback On Jio Recharges Of Rs 399 Or More-

phonepe app

Offer Details

  • Flat ₹75 cashback if the transaction is a customer’s first Jio prepaid recharge on PhonePe
  • Flat ₹30 cashback on first Jio prepaid recharge in offer period if a customer has previously done a Jio prepaid recharge on PhonePe
  • Offer is applicable only on Recharge Amounts of ₹300 and above
  • Offer can be availed only once per PhonePe registered user

Phonepe Refer N Earn Rs 75 per Refer-

phonepe app

  • Just Copy your refer code and invite your friends to join phonepe.
  • When someone joins phonepe using your download link and when he/she makes their first transaction using UPI.
  • You will Get rs 75 your friend will also get Rs 75.

Final Words-

So in this post i will tell some good phonepe offers. Just use all the offers and save huge. If you know some other offers feel free to tell us in comments We will update the post with that offer.

Comment i you have any doubt 🙂

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Amazon Kitkat Offer – Get Amazon Voucher Worth Rs 25 On Every Pack Of Kitkat

Amazon Kitkat Offer

Amazon is back again with another offer. Last time we posted amazon coca cola offer, amazon Pipa offer . Now this time amazon back with amazon kitkat offer where they give Rs 25 gift voucher on buying kitkat of Rs 25 means you get your kitkat chocolate at free of cost. you can also redeem 3 kitkat codes in one amazon account. So why are you waiting For. grab this loot Now.

amazon kitkat offer


The procedure for adding the unique 17 digit alphanumeric code printed under the KIT KAT wrapper to your account is as detailed below:

  1. For website
    • Visit
    • At the log-in page, enter email id and password for your account. If you do not have an account, create an account and Login
    • Enter the unique 17 digit alphanumeric Code and click on ‘Add to your balance’.
  2. For Amazon India Mobile App
    • Signup or Login to the Amazon India Mobile App
    • Click on ‘Shop by Category’;
    • Go to ‘Gift Cards’;
    • Go to ‘Add Gift Card’;
    • Enter the unique 17 digit alphanumeric code and click on ‘Add Now’.

For any queries/ issues related to this promotional offer, please contact Nestlé Consumer
Services at 18001031947 (Toll free)

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